Thursday, September 16, 2010

Samsung Corby Pro GT-B 5310 Flashing Tutorial

What is meant by firmware?

Firmware is a combination of software and hardware. It is a piece of code used to control the phone or electronic devices. It is almost same as operating system in our PC. Manufacture develop firmware for their products and after released they find out the bugs and upgrade the current version.
Each and every mobile phone has a firmware or operating system. And after getting feedback from the consumers they rebuild the firmware with extra features.
Reinstalling the firmware to our device is called flashing. Flashing can be done through network, serial communication, debuggers, third party hardware/software. Mostly mobile phones are flashing through USB ports.

Firmware download

Here I will give you some firmware versions.
Arabic versions
Other version
B5310XCIL2  part I part II

Mobile Phone Flashing

Flashing Mobile phones we need USB connector, firmware and a program called as loader. This loader is used to install the firmware into mobile phone.

Flashing tutorial for B5310
For Samsung Corby the latest version loader available is multiloader v5.62

Do the following steps

  • Download the appropriate firmware, unzip all files to a folder
  • Charge the phone battery at the most, to flash the firmware because the battery is inserted and the operation takes about 5 minutes so it's better to be safe.
  • Install Samsung cd Kies you find on the phone or visit Samsung, we need for drivers.
  • You can manually put the phone in Boot Mode by removing the battery to shut it down, unplugging the cable Micro USB, replacing the battery and pressing and holding down: low volume, room key (is on the right side down) and key ignition, a screen will appear showing a cell.
  • Connect your phone to your PC (if you use a laptop is better because if unfortunately lacks the power during the flash the phone will be thrown away) and wait until the device is not recognized, I tried on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 so I suppose not there are contraindications to other systems.
  • Remove SIM and memory card from the phone for safety, turn off the phone and connect to PC
  • Open Multiloader 5.62 and select the following items: BRCM2153, Boot Change, Full Download, click on boot and load the boot folder from the folder where you extracted the firmware, follow do the same thing by selecting files AMSS, APPS, RSRC1 , RSRC2 (select the version LOW!), continue with Factory FS, CSC, SHP APA, all other items should be left empty, safe place for a screen shot
  • Click on Port Search on Download and then wait until all files are loaded, do not disconnect the phone for any reason during the flash unless you want to end up with a very expensive paperweight.
ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE if performed incorrectly or not the procedure you should know and for reasons not brick the phone, also lose the guarantee, however, if unfortunately something goes wrong before despair if you experience any of the following problems: the phone is switched on and the initial screen but the system does not load or loads a while and then sometimes it springs to life constantly asking for a millisecond or even pin should see a screen with a phone connected with dots (topped by a reassuring little yellow triangle error ) to a PC, you can manually put the phone in Boot Mode by removing the battery to shut it down, unplugging the cable Micro USB by replacing the battery by pressing and holding down: low volume, room key (is on the right side down) and key ignition, a screen will appear showing a cell at this point reconnect Micro USB flash and try again.



  1. Hi Faisal,
    can we get customised firmware's for corby pro???

  2. @Baze Boi

    No, its not an open source code...

    but you can, you should know the internals and coding and also need the development kit

  3. is it ok if we flash frm time to time wont damage the phone will it ?

    and is the warranty still applicable if i flash my corby pro ?

  4. flash yourself and if ny problem occurs you wont get ny warranty!!!...

    all memory read/write has a limit, flashing is nothing erasing old firmware and downloading new firmware into memory...

  5. Top five internet based applications for your Mobile Phone

  6. BSNL 3G and Samsung Corby Pro

  7. nice work...
    do u hav download link to B5310DDJ2
    that version hav call recorder and built in dictionary


  9. pls do provide me a version of DDIK5 version for corbypro...pls its urngent


  11. i am here at Phillipines.. what version should i use?

  12. you can check your software version and csc version through *#1234#

    eg : B2310 DDJD2

    DD showing the country
    J 2010
    D April

    DX for Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

    this is the right version for you B5310DXJF3

  13. i really like this post it's a really very helpful useful tutorial and i tried it myself
    and my great thanks to you for illustrating that.
    but i want to ask about something if it's possible or not, i spent my last 2 months searching about if it's possible to make my corby pro run on the great android OS i really like the idea and it'll be so much fun even if i managed to run it on android 1.5, and if it is possible how can that be done is it by replacing the whole original OS of the phone or with a boot loader like the samsung jet and let it run from the sdcard. and i'll be glad if anyone answered me about that also i'll put my e-mails if someone wanted to contact me
    e-mails :

  14. i like the post .. i like to intall jar files directly . but i have 1 more doubt... in my Corby pro, it showing that the total phone memory is nearly 20 mb only.. i cannot able to see or use the remaining memory.. is the fireware update solve my problem?

  15. I'm in India. can u help me by giving link for the firmware B5310DDJD2..

  16. yet now that firmware is not can upgrade it through any Samsung service center

  17. I Found This Piece Of Info I hope You like it :)
    Firmware Explanation
    B5130 = Model
    DD = Region
    I = Year
    K = Month
    5 = Version

    Region codes:

    BD Cyprus, Greece
    CP Finland
    DB Vietnam
    DC Thailand
    DD India
    DT Australia
    DX Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
    DZ Malaysia, Singapore
    JA South Africa
    JC Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia
    JP Arabic
    JR Arabic
    JV Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
    MT Switzerland
    XA Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    XB Denmark, Norway, Sweden
    XC Portugal, Spain
    XD Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia
    XE Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
    XF Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania
    XX Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
    ZC China, Hong Kong
    ZH Hong Kong
    ZT Taiwan

    Release year codes:


    Release month codes:


  18. how to flash android on corby pro??

  19. i installed B5310JVJA3 on my corby pro but i still can't read arabic messages :S

  20. @Abdul Azeez

    Android you can't install on corby pro model,
    it require hardware support also...

  21. Samsung Corby pro wonderful phone for youngsters, this phone have so many qualities.

  22. Anyone have the link for this firmware?


  23. how do i upload software from my system to my pro..?
    generally it gets downloaded into the games+ folder but i'm not able to download it from my system :(

  24. how do i install flash player for samsung pro likely using this method? is it possible?

  25. hello sir i am using corbypro b5310 in india . i started downloading jar files and sucessfully installed on my phone. but thoose installed applications are directly being placed in games & applications icon. so can i put thoose installed apps in main menu as an icon. pls help me.......

  26. i didnt find the boot folder in B5310JVJB2.what can i do????

  27. what should i flash for greece? which is the latest compatible? thank yu :)

  28. Hi there,
    I'm from bangladesh and my phone shows



    i don't know if the firmware and software version are same or not.

    Please tell be what does the 'A' stand for in B5310DXIKA
    And if there's any upgrade of this version, which version should I go for?

  29. ı need JVJD2
    link plss
    not working camera

  30. This site was extremely useful! I have been looking all over the net for an update, and I'm glad I ran into this site :).
    I had a question though - while the corby pro is amazing in most of its aspects, I have a huuge problem in the music player. I have an 4gb memory card, and it's loaded with songs. Now firstly, there is no search feature. That can still be accepted. But in my corby pro, the music file list goes to the top, after I navigate into a sub category and then hit return. Say I picked a song starting with the letter "n", and then if I hit return, it starts off at "a". Is there anything I can do to fix it? Any firmware that fixes it? I tried a couple of the firmwares, none of them worked.


  31. Hello There! i'm from brazil and my corby pro have a firmware that is from a thing called "3" and the apps are from this thing too... but i dont like this configuration and all "3" related apps doesn't work because this thing "3" doesn't exists anymore or something... Anyway! i want my corby pro with a SAMSUNG ORIGINAL FIRMWARE not those trash firmwares >.<

    can anybody help me please? Thanks! \o\

  32. any new firnware for b5310ddik5????????????????????/

  33. @^

    Ofcourse B5310 DDIK5 model is described in above comments..
    latest firmwares are B5310 DDJD2...etc

  34. hi i m samsung corby pro user...

    plz reply me quickly to my ques... plzz

    i was thinking that latest firmware for corby pro has good apps and features but its keypad is of french i.e. awert something like that....

    so i was thinking that i if take its apps file and use other files of other firmware then will it work???

    or is there any other firmware which has qwerty and call recorder and ib built dic. and live TV. like features.. and any firmware has live tv feature??
    plz reply quickly ...

    plz reply on it if possible . . .

  35. i forgot to mention above that i belong to india..
    but i will install any firmware.. if it has qwerty and features like dictionary... call recorder and live tv(optional)


  36. pls can u tell me how to install themes in samsung corby pro pls pls pls pls

  37. @akash garg

    Live tv i' m also trying to add...but not yet
    i' m using B5310 DDJD2, it has built-in dictionary, qwerty, call recorder...etc

    And DDJD2 -> DD represent Indian version... you can check the above list for identifying the version codes.!!

  38. does anybody have a download link for the DDJD2 firmware?
    i don't trust the local service centre...

  39. any other firmware with a built in dictionary will do too...preferably for India...

  40. @Tapan

    You can get it from Samsung service center.

  41. Por favor necesito ayuda... flashee mi corby pro con la version B5310XCIL2... Todo salio a la perfeccion menos la camara la cual me presenta error al abrirla.... como puedo solucionar eso. Gracias. cualquier informacion me sirve


  42. Hey...!
    I am having a little problem with the qwerty..!
    I downloaded b5310ddik5 from the link posted above in the comments....!
    But there was no csc and psf file in it....!
    Without the csc file, no text came upon my corby's screen....!
    so i used the csc and psf files of b5310XXJJ1...!
    Now the text loads up in the screen...!
    But whenever i access my widgets menu,it restarts...!

  43. I wrongly uploaded S3650 firmware in my corby pro it is not starting now.....i have also tried with samsung corby pro firmware provided in this site...but i cannot select APPS and Rsrc1 file in Multiloader am getting "cannot load Rsc1 binary".........PLEASE HELP ME GUYS asap

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. hey i want to flash my Corby Mate GT-B3313..!! how can i do dat?
    plz can any1 help.>??

  46. AT present which is the latest firmware for corby pro in india (original One)given by the company ??

  47. B5310XXJF1 or B5310DDIK5 which one's the latest?

  48. Hi, i'm in INDIA nd i upgrated my Corby Pro to B5310XXJF1 firmware bt d problem is my PRO taking reset in stand-by mode. You can say 7-8 times a day.
    Plz help wat shd i do !!!

  49. Hi, I went through this tutorial and I recieved an error during the "download" part. My phone turned off and will not turn on now. Can I fix this? or is my phone completely useless now?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  50. Any caution symbol is displaying...
    Contact customer care..may be you tick master reset

  51. thanks for a reply. when using the program "multiloader" I ticked the boxes for 'full download' and 'master rom' exactly as a tutorial told me to do. when there was an error, I ticked only 'Boot change'. after that, the phone powered off and can't power on again. Can't go in "Download" mode, nothing happens when plugged into a pc.

  52. Hi Toby,

    In this tutorial; didn't mention to tick "master-rom"...

  53. Damn, my mistake. Don't know why I ticked Master-rom if it's not in the tutorial.

    So is possible to save my phone?
    I'd like to go through any means of repair before i just throw it in the bin.
    Thanks again everybody.

  54. Hi Toby,

    If your phone still have warranty; contact Samsung care they will give you latest version OS and change your phone hardware if necessary...

  55. my phone's touch response became erratic and finally stopped working... could flashing be useful?

  56. Hi, If the problem is with the software or the device driver; you can solve using flashing, bcoz it will reinstall the operating system; but if the error is due to the touch sensors or hardware components you should contact samsung service..

  57. Hi i'm from samsung corby pro's firmware version is B5310DDIK5 ...can any1 suggest me a compatible firmware for bangladesh....

  58. Hi,

    What is special in Bangladesh edition?
    You can use B5310DDJD2; Its come with build in dictionary, call record, you can install java apps directly...

  59. what firmware do u suggest for my corby pro in nidia?
    pls refer me the link too...

  60. My touchscreens not working in corby pro.. i tried resettng it to factory setting but no help...what could be the issue? my firware is sw ver B5310DDIK5
    csc ver B5310ODDIK5.. can anyone help me?

  61. I did all the needed as u said.But in multi loader when i click on port search ,the DOwnload button does not get enabled.WHy sO?also,after removing sim and memory card ,the pc cant dtect my phone..COuld this be a problem?Can anybody Help,please?

  62. Thnks a lot man, I was trying out different things and I messed my phone up. With your instructions I was able to restore it.

  63. pls give the link for B5310DDJD2

  64. hey this post is very helpfull, but i would like to what is the latest firmare update for samsung corby pro please


  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Hi, I am using Corby Pro for 18 months now and suddenly my Corby pro is heating to the extent that it feels it will burst!!! After some research I found out that flashing the Corby phone with the latest firmware will resolve the issue, but when I connect my phone to the pc kies does not detect it at all, no matter what I do, I tried removing antivirus but to no use, on my phone it shows "connected" message but nothing happens in the pc. Can anyone help me with it?? please!! ALTERNATIVELY if anyone know a method to flash the corby pro without using the usb chord would also be great (To put it another way, can I do the flashing with bluetooth instead of usb connection???). Kindly anyone please help me :(

  68. i have installed b5310ddik5 in my phone this does support camera but does not support 3g in india,so i have installed b5310xxjf1 in this firmware camera is working but 3g cannot be activated
    what should i do now???
    plz give me the link for b5310ddjd2 full version(the above link doesnot contain csc.. files)
    plz help me

  69. where will the camera and 3g settings belong to in the firmware files??? ie in (factory fs,shpapp,rsrc1,rsrc2)

  70. where can i get the development kit of corby pro??

  71. hy i have a samsung corby s 3650 i just try a resoft but now is not open help me

  72. i had download B5310DXJG2 but there is no csc file then i download and flash my corby pro. but mobile doesnot on just restart several times, can i download B5310DXJG2 firmware with csc file.

    1. Please share file. My mail id is

  73. Pls give link for B5310DDJD2. The above Link( has no file.

    thanks in advance

  74. hola soy de Bolivia, hay algún firmware actualizado de corby pro GT-B5310 para mi país, ya intente con B5310XCIL2 pero me da error en la cámara. necesito su ayuda y gracias de antemano.

  75. how to download & install b5310ddkc1 flash file...????

  76. please help me with download link for B5310JPJA1

  77. is b5310ddjd2 the latest version of b5310ddik5 nd if u have some link for that....

  78. I am from Delhi(India) and I have samsung corby pro (b5310). it shows "camera failed..". Please help me to remove this error. Please mail me the answer or post the answer Here..
    My mail id is ""


  79. I flashed my phone as per the instructions but after the flash when my phone rebooted it paused at a point and now whenever Iam trying to reboot, it is getting stuck at the same point. What can I do now to restore it.

  80. need this very bad


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